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Preparing for Higher Education

College Information and Resources

 Senior Students and Parent/Guardians:

Senior year is an exciting time as you plan for life after school.  The Counseling Department wants to make sure you are aware of the ways we can support you as you begin this next phase of your life. Whatever your plan may be after high school, such as military, work, or higher education, we want to serve as a helpful resource in your planning process.  Please view this senior letter for more information.

  11th Grade College Planning Timeline - Parent and Student Presentation from 3/14/2024

 11th Grade College Credit Opportunities at ERHS Student and Parent Slideshow (with links)

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education has a website specifically designed to answer all of your questions about higher education.  You can access their site by clicking here

Explore Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.  To view the 2023-24 Guide visit their website at

Below is a sampling of the information they provide free of charge. 

Preparing for College
It's never too early to plan for college. Remember, college preparation means being ready academically and financially. Now's the time to prepare. Click the links below for more information on the following topics:  

-Mapping out a plan with the college prep timeline
-The following handouts are available by clicking the topic you are interested in.
1. Choosing A College 
2. Financing Your Future  
3. Financial Aid Basics  

Choosing a College
There are almost 200 public and private postsecondary institutions in Minnesota. But don't let that number scare you. It just means you have plenty of options.

Start by asking yourself which type of career you want.Then find the programs that can make your dreams a reality. If you are undecided about a career, that's okay. Consider what kind of campus environment you want and begin to narrow down your options. College is a unique time in your life when you expand your cultural, intellectual and social horizons. Enjoy the journey.

As you explore this section, you'll discover helpful links to information on:

-How to choose a college that's just right for you

-Exploring your college options locally and nationally

-How to apply to college

 Military Service Academy-

The Naval Academy, West Point, Air Force Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy all provide wonderful opportunities for students to receive a free college education and also participate in service to our country.  The process for getting into and attending an academy can be tricky.  A student must apply to the academy itself and also for a nomination from the Congress member that represents them or a Senator.  The nomination is necessary for receiving a slot in the academies.  Please see the attached information from Congressman Tom Emmer, Minnesota's Sixth District.

 Helpful Resources:

  • National Association for College Admission Counseling's website offers tools to help you in your transition from high school to college.  Including advice on college preparation,  college search, applying to college, paying for college, succeeding in college and much more.   

**Elk River High School does not endorse these organizations, and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they may offer.  These links are provided for the user's convenience**