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Recommendation Letters

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation    

Many private colleges and some scholarships require applicants to submit  letters of recommendation from teachers or

counselors.  Some have specific forms to be used and others simply ask for a letter; it's important to determine

what each college or scholarshio program requires.

Follow these steps to request a letter of recommendation:  

Follow these steps to request a letter of recommendation:  

  • Obtain any required forms and complete the sections that the applicant is to fill out. 
  • At least two weeks before any deadlines, ask the teacher or counselor to write a letter of recommendation for you.         Remember that some people are asked to write many letters and won't be able to do a good job if not given enough time.                                            
    **Be aware that letters and forms that are needed to meet early January deadlines must be requested by:                           December 1 due to winter break. 
  • Provide the teacher or counselor with the letter of recommendation form and any instructions you may have been given, stamped envelopes addressed to the college(s) or scholarship programs, and a list of the due dates for each one.