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College & Additional Program Opportunities

These items are found in the ISD 728 Registration Guide


Advanced Placement (AP) classes are nationally recognized college-level classes offered in the high school setting.  Students who complete the course work can take an AP test which may award college credit(s).  Students enrolled in AP courses should anticipate college-level workloads and expectations. It is strongly recommended that sophomores enroll in no more than two AP classes during 10th grade. Remember:  Advanced Placement is a nationwide curriculum designed to prepare students for the AP exams; therefore course content cannot be altered.

The following AP classes are offered in ISD 728 and receive weighted grading (see grading scale in Registration Guide):

AP Art History                                                       AP Macroeconomics

AP Biology                                                             AP Music Theory

AP Calculus AB                                                     AP Physics

AP Calculus BC                                                     AP Psychology

AP Chemistry                                                        AP Statistics

AP Computer Science                                          AP Studio Art

AP Eng. Literature & Composition 12                AP U.S. Gov/Politics

AP Eng. Language & Composition 11               AP U.S. History

AP Human Geography                                        AP World History


The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) mission is to ensure that ALL students, and most especially the least served students who are in the middle: 

  • Will succeed in rigorous curriculum,
  • Will complete a rigorous college preparatory path,
  • Will enter mainstream activities of the school,
  • Will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges,
  • Will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.

AVID students in grades 9-12 must be enrolled in an AVID class, enroll in one or more advanced academic classes each semester, maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes, maintain the AVID binder with assignments/grade record sheets and daily notes in all classes, and complete all homework assignments and commit to studying every night.


Sophomores, juniors and seniors may take technical and/or community college courses offered at the high school.  These high school courses have been matched with similar courses at Minnesota technical and community colleges (for a full list of participating schools visit  High school students meeting the college course requirements may earn college credit, as well as high school credit to apply toward graduation at no cost to high school students.  ACC courses are not “weighted”.


ISD 728 has partnered with Pine Technical and Community College, St. Cloud State University, and the University of Minnesota to offer the following rigorous college-level classes to students in the high school setting.  Students earn college credits in conjunction with meeting high school graduation requirements.  There is no student fee to enroll in these programs and, upon successful completion of these course(s), the student will earn both high school and college credits.  In addition, these courses are “weighted” (see page 2).

Refer to the Course Description Guide for prerequisite(s) required to enroll in these courses.

Students enrolled in these courses begin their college transcript with the partnering college so please consider your enrollment options carefully.

  • Pine Technical College

College Algebra

College Intermediate Spanish I & II

College Intro to Sociology

College Physics I

College Pre-Calculus

College Principles of Macroeconomics

  • St. Cloud State University (S2S)

College Intro to Education

French 102 & 201

German 102 & 201

  • University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

Human Physiology, Technology & Medical Devices


The EL Program serves and supports students who have not achieved English language proficiency and provides academic assistance for mainstream classes. The amount of time per day that students receive EL instruction and the duration of service is dependent on the level of language proficiency. See the EL teacher for more information.


Independent study contracts between teachers and juniors or seniors are permitted.  The contracts may be arranged for up to two credits per contract.  The objectives, resources and evaluation procedures are to be listed, with all required signatures, prior to the study.  Applications are available in the Guidance Office.  The completed contract must be turned in by the tenth (10th) day of the semester in which the work is to occur.  Independent study contracts must be approved by administration and are limited to one per semester.

NURSING ASSISTANT (NA) - Click HERE for information Video.

The Nursing Assistant (NA) program provides classroom and clinical training for individuals interested in pursuing direct patient care in hospitals, nursing homes or home health care settings. The course includes orientation, basic skills assessment tests, classroom/lab training and hands on clinical training at a local healthcare facility. Upon completion of all class and clinical hours, students will be eligible to take the state exam (student fee applies) and upon passing, will be recognized by the State of Minnesota in its registry of Nursing Assistants.

ONLINE728 - Click HERE for information Video.

ISD 728 offers a variety of courses available in an online format. The pace and structure of an online course is very different than traditional face-to-face classes. Enrolling in an online class can be a great experience and requires self-discipline, independence and the ability to communicate virtually with your instructor. Core courses, as well as some electives, are offered through Online728.

Both full-time and supplemental schedules are options for students at this time. Please note two very important points. One Online728 enrollment will be limited, so indicating your preference for an online course does not guarantee enrollment; Two Parental permission is needed for enrollment acceptance. Parental permission is NOT needed at the time of indicating your schedule preference.

If you are unsure if an online course is right for you, contact your school counselor or visit the Online728 website:


Peer tutors provide assistance to other students and receive one elective credit per semester toward graduation.  To meet the qualifications for credit, peer tutors must meet the expectations of the staff member they are working with and have an appropriate attendance record.  Juniors and seniors interested in being a peer tutor must speak with a counselor prior to registration.  This is a Pass/Fail course.


Student proctors assist school staff and receive half (1/2) credit per semester toward graduation if their work record, cooperation, and attendance meet department standards.  Juniors and seniors may proctor a maximum of half (1/2) credit per semester, and up to one credit per four-year program.  Permission to participate is required.  Proctor programs are available with many teachers, the Media Center, Administrative Office, Guidance Office, Attendance Office, and Health Office.  This is a Pass/Fail course.


Juniors and seniors may apply to reserve a 1st or 6th hour study hall for early release or late arrival.  To qualify for this program, student must have earned enough credits to be proceeding normally toward graduation (see chart below).  No credit is granted for this program.



Credits Earned

11th grade – beginning of year


11th grade – end of 1st semester


11th grade – end of 2nd semester


12th grade – end of 1st semester


*To enroll:

  1. Complete an application from the Guidance Office and obtain parent permission prior to registration.
  2. Select study hall reserve when you register.

ZIMMERMAN BIOMEDICAL PROGRAM - Click HERE for information Video.

The Biomedical Program is a series of courses which explore the concepts of human medicine. Students examine the processes, structures, and interactions of the human body as well as explore the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Interested students in the district should contact Zimmerman High School about the possibility of participating in this program. Transportation is available for students living in the RHS and ERHS zones.

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