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External Scholarships


**Elk River High School does not endorse these organizations, and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they may offer.  These links are provided for the user's convenience**

External Scholarships/Grants are non-local scholarships/grants, when we receive information regarding these applications it is posted on this page. Check back often-- new scholarships/grants are posted on this document as we receive them. These scholarships/grants will have unique deadlines, so be sure to read the information for each scholarship/grant carefully.  We encourage all students and parents to be cautious when providing personal information.


Click HERE for a list of our external Scholarships.

State/National Scholarships

The following few websites are considered three of the best websites to search for various private and national scholarships: and Also by logging into your MCIS account through "Rapid Identity" there are hundreds of scholarships you can apply for.

The following link will facilitate setting up a student account for a program called "RaiseMe" where certain colleges award "micro-scholarships" to students in grades 9-12 when the student achieves various goals. You aren't competing against other students for these scholarships. As long as you accomplish certain tasks while in high school, you automatically start earning funds to go toward colleges that have partnered with RaiseMe. There are some Minnesota colleges participating in this program. Head to the following website to set up your account and read more details about the program: