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Student Forms

Student Forms

Please turn in completed forms to the Counseling Office as soon as possible.  Please note all forms require a Parent or Guardian signature

Letter of recommendation - Students wanting a letter of recommendation from teachers or counselors need to complete this form.  Please be aware that staff need at least two weeks before any deadlines.

Late Arrival/Early Release Form - Approval may take up to 10 days after the start of the semester.  Students must complete a form for each semester. Students are expected to report to study hall until their request is approved.  Students not reporting to study hall will be marked with an unexcused absence.

Request for a Schedule Correction - This form needs to be signed by the teacher of the class you wish to drop. 

  • Dropped class before the end of week 4: nothing will appear on report card or permanent record
  • Dropped class during weeks 5-9: The grade of "W" will appear on your report card and on your permanent record, this will not affect your grade point average. Course fee(s) will be partially refunded.
  • Dropped class after week 9: The grade of "W" if you are passing or an "F" if you are failing at the time of drop.  A grade of "F" will be included in the calculation of cumulative GPA and class rank.  Course fee(s) will not be refunded

Proctor Application - The teacher you wish to Proctor for will need to sign this form.  Proctor forms will not be approved if students have outstanding school fees.

Independent Study Application - Students will need to work with their teacher to complete this form

Off-Site Course Approval Application for ERHS Credit - Please work with your school counselor prior to completing this form 

Peer Tutor Contract Application - This form is due no later than 10 days after the first date of the semester and will not be approved if students have outstanding school fees.

MDE Parent/Guardian and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing - Parents who do not want their student taking the MCA/MTAS/ACCESS or ACCESS for ELL tests must complete this form.

PSEO 23-24 Student Registration Form-MDE - An enrollment form must be completed for each term the student attends.  

AVID Forms 

AVID is for students in the academic middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path, with support.  These students often are not realizing their full potential academically.  The AVID program is an in-school academic support program for grades 4-12 that prepares students for college and success.  

AVID Student Application - Interested students should complete the application and will be interviewed by the AVID team prior to being accepted into this program

AVID Student Exit Form - Students no longer wanting to be in the AVID program must complete this form and it must be signed by your AVID teacher